Available Choices Of Wine Shipping Boxes
Wine Shipping Boxes

Wine Shipping Boxes

Wine shipping boxes are specifically designed to secure and protect wine bottles and other wine product while in transit from one location to another.

There are a number of different styles of wine shipping boxes. Here are the available options.

Cardboard wine shipping boxes. These are perhaps the most often used type as they are economical and provide a standard level of protection that is accepted by major couriers such as UPS and Fedex. Wine business owners who have their own distribution systems and have to ship between multiple retail and warehouse locations will often use these types of wine shipping boxes because they can be reused. There are two styles of cardboard wine shipping boxes.

First, there are the ones that have a corrugated cardboard insert, which must be assembled by putting together the various pre-made flaps and tabs. The resulting insert will feature slots that will perfectly hold the base and mouth of the wine bottle, creating an effective internal suspension system that keeps the bottle from moving around too much inside the external corrugated cardboard box as it ships upright. With a double wall of corrugation, and the fact that shipping bottles upright minimizes the surface area at which bottles can break under pressure, you have an effective wine shipping unit that is resistant to tearing and crumpling.

Second, you have the ones which come with a paper or fiber pulp insert, which looks most like a holding tray, specially molded to fit a number of wine bottles. Wine bottles fit inside by laying them flat into the molded spaces. A second component is also included, and that is the external cardboard carton designed to contain the pulp insert(s). Most models will hold 1-3 wine bottles. However, if you need to ship more than three bottles at once, there are models that will include multiple pulp inserts, which stack onto each other inside a larger outer carton. Compared to the above mentioned type, these cardboard wine shipping boxes provide better protection from impact and still offers a great deal of resistance to crumpling, although not as much.

Styrofoam wine shipping boxes. These offer enhanced protection to wine bottles because Styrofoam has shock absorbing properties and has the ability to resist compression for a very long time. Surrounded by a thick Styrofoam casing, a wine bottle can be fully insulated from impact brought on by accidental drops or anything that may strike the outer container. Styrofoam can also protect wine from going bad because it can protect insulate wine bottles from temperature extremes.

Most Styrofoam wine shippers are cylinder shaped, with one end closed and the other end open, where the wine bottle would be inserted base first. This sleeve travels up three quarters of the height of a standard 750 ml wine bottle. An additional Styrofoam piece goes over the top of the bottle. The resulting effect is a wine bottle that is encapsulated within a protective shell of Styrofoam. These will come in a number of different designs that are able to hold anywhere between a single bottle, and up to twelve bottles evenly spaced side by side in an upright manner.

Other Styrofoam wine shipper are in a tray design, with carved out spaces within a block of foam in which wine bottles are layed down flat inside. A protective cover is also provided, fully encasing wine bottles. These will usually ship only one to three wine bottles. However, larger capacity models will simply include additional tray inserts that will stack on top each other inside a taller box.

Compared to cardboard wine shipping boxes, Styrofoam models will usually cost more. However, this premium for added protection can be negated by the savings earned in the reduction of damaged goods and reimbursements. The cost of freight between cardboard and foam wine shipping boxes is usually about the same.

Wooden wine shipping boxes. These are the ideal solution when presentation is important. A bottle of the recipient’s favorite wine, dressed up in even a simple unfinished pine box, makes for a great initial impression on delivery, giving off a certain charm. It is as if great care was taken by a wine worker to personally hand pick the finest bottle out of the vast caves of a winery in the south of France, or the cellars of California’s wine country. It certainly tells the recipient, without saying a single word, “You are important.” Most wooden wine shipping boxes will only hold one bottle of wine. There are a few that will hold two bottles, and perhaps one or two wine glasses. Because they are much heavier than other wine shippers, the freight will be significantly higher when using them, but it’s nice to have a couple units available for those special clients.

Inflatable wine shippers. These are a newer type of wine shipper that is starting to gain traction in the industry because their utilization of air as a cushioning technology minimizes the total shipping weight as well as volume, which in turn can lead to a significant savings in freight and storage costs. They come in two pieces, an inflatable wine sleeve and an external shipping carton. To ship, one inserts a bottle of wine into one inflatable wine shipper, which is then filled with air using a small compressor. The wine bottle is now literally surrounded by a cushion of air, and ready to ship inside any shipping box approved by the courier being used.

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